About Us

FDD Productions is one of Israel's leading companies in the fields of music and events. The company was founded and managed since 2005 by producer David Fadida, and handles events production, represents artists, public relations and album productions. The company represents world renown singers such as Ohad Moskowitz, Itzik Dadya, Uziya Tzadok, the Kinderlach children's band, virtuoso violinist Daniel Ahaviel, FDD Live ensemble conducted by Maestro Gershon Freishtat, vocal band FDD Vocal and more.
FDD specializes in providing solutions for events in Israel and around the world that require a combination of various audiences, while providing musical solution for all styles, including Hasidic, religious, Israeli and international as one.


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134 Jabotinsky St.

Ramat Gan

Tel: 972-3-6165628