Daniel Ahaviel

Daniel Ahaviel was born in London, England in 1963. Early in his childhood, he discovered his love for the beautiful sounds of violin, and at the age of 8 he began to play. Over the years Daniel studied at the Center for Young Musicians, playing a variety of instruments, including violin, piano and percussion.


Afterward, he continued to study BA (Hons) at York University, where he specialized in ethnic, electronic and improvisational music.

In 1988 Daniel made Aliyah to Israel and became famous as a unique Klezmer player. The sounds produced by Daniel are deeply moving and penetrate the human soul and spirit.

Over the years, Daniel has appeared in concerts and music festivals all over the world: USA, Canada, Brazil, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Congo, Hong Kong and Russia. The alleys of the Old City of Safed and the Tomb of the Rashbi in Meron are just a few of the holy places where Daniel loves to be alone with his Creator and to play new and sublime works.

Throughout the years Daniel released several albums including "Veahavta", "King's Clothes", album that was recorded during his show "Live in London" and the last one "You Are the Heart of the World".

Daniel's unique playing and unquestionable control of every string and string has brought Daniel to the forefront of the world's greatest shows. Daniel is collaborating with the greatest Jewish singers in playing and performing together. Daniel brings real Jewish joy to every event and performance. His unique look and exciting performance grant an hour of true Jewish joy.

Daniel is currently working on a new studio album under the direction of the musical producer Gershon Frieshtat.


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