Ohad Moskowitz

Ohad Moskowitz was born and raised in Belgium. He began his musical career at an early age, accompanying with his special voice greatest Jewish singers who came to perform in his hometown. Immediately after his marriage he settled in Israel and began to develop a musical career of his own. He lives in the city of Modi'in and belongs to the national religious stream.

His first single "S’u Marom", arranged by Ken Burgess, was produced in cooperation with producer David Fadida, and immediately the two of them began working on Ohad’s first album. They turned to the Jewish composer Yossi Green who took Ohad under his wings and composed most of the songs for his first album.

In 2003 Ohad released his debut album 'Ohad', which turned out to be a huge success. As a result of the success of the album, Ohad began performing on the stages of the world's greatest shows: 'Madison Square Garden', 'Lincoln Center' in New York and more. His songs are being played in every Jewish event in the world and Ohad yearly performs in the musical event of HASC, which is the peak moment in Hasidic music worldwide. Throughout the year, Ohad performs on Jewish holidays in many Jewish communities around the world and serves as an ambassador to religious music in Israel.


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