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Gershon Freishtat


The band FDD Live was founded in 2001 by producer David Fadida in order to address complex events with a variety of musical styles at the same time. The musical director of the ensemble is Maestro Gershon Freishtat, who brings with him more than 20 years of experience in the field of orchestras and musical productions.

The ensemble includes up to 30 musicians and includes a unique string ensemble that accompanies the event both independently and together with the orchestra as a whole. The great advantage of FDD Live is in large events with several musical centers at the same time, in which the ensemble spreads throughout the complex and meets all the musical requirements. The ensemble accompanies musical events in all styles: Hassidic, Israeli, Jewish, foreign and world music, accompanied by singers from all walks of life.

In the years since the launch of the ensemble, it has been hosted at the largest stages around the world and is highly recognized by the music industry. The quality, professionalism and uncompromisingness of every aspect of the event, from the selection of musicians to the best sound systems in the world, brings you the perfect musical ensemble one could ask for.


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