Shuli Rand

Shuli Rand an actor, director, screenwriter, composer, and Israeli singer. Two time winner of the Ofir Prize in years 1992 and 2004 and winner of the Educational Jewish Customs award in lifetime achievments in 2016.

Born 1962 growing up in Bnei Brak to a modern orthodox family, parents, Professor Yaacov and Belha Rand. Studying at different schools and yeshivas till the age of 18, then stearing away from religion. In 1984 after his army service, he started learning acting. 4 years later Shuli reconnected with religiosity and joined the Breslev Chassidim.

Throughout the years Shuli participated and performed in many movies, TV shows, plays, and musicals from them receiving many awards and becoming a celebrity and influencer within the Israeli culture.

Besides for his acting career Shuli released two albums in which he wrote and composed the songs. In 2008 releasing his first album 'Nekuda Tova' with the production of Shmulik Daniel, becoming a platinum record after it sold 62 thousand copies that first year.

In 2018 he released his second album 'Ratzu Veshuv' produced by Asaf Talmudi, from this album came the hits 'Tzadik', 'Yeda bni Ahuvi' and many more.

These days Shuli puts on a new perfromance called 'Tashlich' where possibly for the first time ever shows his personal life. Through the stops in his life, Shuli puts on a performance unlike any other. On and empty stage under theatrical lighting, together with the producer Asaf Talmudi and the director Eitan Bloom, comes together three enormous strengths Shuli his acting, musical talents and storytelling.