The Kinderlach band was established in 2005 by musician Yishai Lapidot and producer David Fadida.

The band, whose launch was defined as "Israel's new children's band," managed to amaze the world of Hasidic music in Israel and around the world and in a short time conquered the media and listeners' ears. Its unique character as a kicking pop band made up of children, gave it a unique name in the Jewish music industry.

The band received extensive media coverage and was described in a major cover article of Yedioth Ahronoth's "7 Days" supplement as "the biggest and freshest musical surprise in Jewish music." Shortly after its establishment, Channel 1 broadcasted a fascinating documentary film directed by Liat Mer documenting the band and its members.

The Kinderlach children, who were trained by the best professionals in the country, succeeded in a short time to conquer the stages of the Jewish music around the world, and among others appeared before the Jewish communities in South America, South Africa, the USA and Europe.

The band's debut album was released in early 2006 and has sold more than 35,000 copies in Israel and abroad. Since then they have released two new albums, DVD shows, and every year the band performs as part of a musical called "Songs and Wonders" which is highly admired in the religious music arena.

The band's third album, "Make It Happen", caused a storm in Jewish music and within a few months became a "gold album".

Over the years the children have appeared many times in the children's studios of the various television channels and are considered stars and role models in the religious community.


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