Yonatan Shainfeld

Yonatan Shainfeld born in 1996, already early in his childhood showed remarkable signs of musical talents. In 2005 when he was 9, he joined the children group ' Kinderlach' and eventually became there soloist.

In 2009 he started his solo career together with direction of producer David Fadida. He released his first album 'Kulanu Yahcad' on it there were 11 songs.

That same year Yonatan celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, at Reading 3, where he made his debut for his first solo album. This first album sold tens of thousands of copies.

In 2010 he released his second album 'Naar Hayiti', that went on to become a platinum record.

During the winter of 2011 Yonatan performed at the 'HASC Concert' in the United States alongside Avraham Fried and Ohad Moskowitz.

Torwards the end of 2011 Yonatan went on tour- called 'Yonatan & the Piano' playing top classical Jewish hits, as well as some pieces which he composed himself. At the same time he released his third album under the same name, as well as a DVD  from one of his performances at Tzavta Hall.

During Chanukah of 2012 he performed alongside all the FDD aritsts in a musical 'Shirim Veniflaot ba-Beit Knesset' Where he portrayed Matityahu, a boy celbrating his bar mitzvah.

Chanukah of 2013 he was part of another musical 'Shirim Veniflaot ba- Beit Seffer' where he acted and played the accordion. At the end of the year he announced he is taking a break from music to learn in Yeshiva.

After his wedding in 2019, he returned to music releasing a single 'Bati Legani' which he wrote for his wife in honor of there wedding. With his comeback he rejoined the prodcution office of David Fadida.

Today Yonatan is known as boutique singer, singing at exclusive events, chuppahs, dinners etc.