Shuki Salomon

Shuki Salomon born in Jerusalem to a charedi family, growing up and learning in the charedi system and institutions until he got married. After his marriage he moved to Bnei Brak where he started a successful real estate company. At the same time Shuki started making a presence on social media and getting known all over the charedi platform.

Today Shuki has the most sought after instagram account in the charedi world, with over 40 thousand followers and tens of thousands of views with every status, thousands of likes to every post and incredible influence each time. Shukis Facebook page has nearly 10 thousand friends and followers, where each follower is exposed to the amazement that only Shuki knows how to create.

Every singers dream is to get on to Shukis playlist, brand names stores beg him to come in and take a suit, as well top resturaunts pamper him with gourmet meals, just to come and post about them. He is a trend setter and a social media guru, as well he runs a campaign 'Lashon Hara Lo Medaber Elay.