Kobi Brummer

Kobi Brummer is an Israeli-Chassidic singer song writer with enormous vocal talent as well as having incredible energy, and putting on a performance like no other can.

Already at a young age one could see the incredible vocal talent Kobi has, and he would be asked to sing at ceremonies and private events. After completing his high school education through the Charedi education system, Kobi went in his own direction and drafted into the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces).

During the same time as the IDF and studying in yeshiva, Kobi started to develop a wide musical career and independently going to sing at private events.

In 2013 he joined the group ‘Moetzet Hashira Hayehudit’ which was conducted by Yishai Lapidot, with the group he got the chance for many years to perform all over the globe.

After the kidnapping of the 3 teenagers in 2015, Kobi released a single in the boy’s memory ‘Mizmor Leasaf’ which picked up much momentum during its release.

That same year Kobi released an energetic cover to the popular song ‘Golden Boy’ by Nadav Guedj- under the name ‘Ismach Chatani’ that became an instant wedding hit, and is still performed today at hundreds of wedding all over the world.

After the incredible success of ‘Ismach Chatani’, in 2016 Kobi released another cover to the song ‘Bass Im Silsulim’ by Static and Ben Al Tavori, with a Chassidic twist- ‘Tanz Im Silsulim’. As well this time the song became very popular in a short amount of time in the charedi circles, and has been hundreds of thousands of times.

In 2018 he released the song ‘Am Hanetzach’ with lyrics he wrote during the Oferet Yetzuka War when he was serving in the IDF, with the musical production of musician Benny Laufer. Within a short amount of time it gained tens of thousands of views online and became a hot sensation.

That same year he released the song ‘Tzoek Aleicha’ which got played regularly on the religious radio stations, and gaining tens of thousands of views online. The song was such a success that Kobi was asked to be a live guest performer on Channel 13 in the live studio.

Now in 2019 Kobi released a clip with a mashup performance of top Israeli hits, that received much success and hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

Throughout the years Kobi has performed all over the world on some of the biggest stages there are, in the United states throughout Europe and many other countries. He was the main Chazzan at the ‘Tiferet Yisrael’ synagogue in Canada and performed at a local Jewish music festival.

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