Yossi Schwartz

Yossi Schwartz was born in the United States and made Aliyah as a child. His journey as a Chazzan started with 'Shirat Israel' choir conducted by Shlomo Goldhor, from the moment they met Shlomo recognized the musical talent Yossi has and started teaching him to write music and conduct. Later on Yossi joined the Great Synagogue choir in Jerusalem there he continued to learn more about Chazzanut and music from Raymond Goldstein, Naftali Hershtik, Chaim Adler and maestro Eli Yaffe.

At the same time Yossi joined the school for chazzanut and Jewish music in Petach Tikva directed by Mordechai Sobol z"l and Eli Yaffe, there he continued to perfect his craft and conducting music. At the same time Yossi had the great honor of apprenticing by the world famous chazzan Moshe Stern.

Yossi made his way to the stage for the first time at the age of 16 and a half at the Great Synagogue of Ramat Gan with the chazzan Yisrael Rand. After that he continued on to perform on Shabbat and concerts worldwide. At the age of 19 Yossi was invited for the first time to perform with the 'Jerusalem Symphony- Reshut Shidur'  for a chazzanut concert conducted by maestro Eli Yaffe.

In the past Yossi created the vocal ensemble Pa'amonim- a chazzanut choir featuring some of the top chazzans such as: Yitzchak Meir Helfgot, Chaim Adler, Yaakov Lemer, Yisrael Rand, David Weinbach, Yosef Melovani, Avrumi Kirshenbaum, Yaakov Motzen and many more.

Yossi frequently gets invited to perform and conduct at many festivals around the world: the Jewish festival in Krakow, Berlin, Warslov, and has conducted at the annual 'Park East' Synagogue concert in Manhattan.

Yossi was the main chazzan at the Great Synagogue of 'Azzur' for 4 years, and today is the main chazzan at the Congregation of Sky Lake in North Miami Beach.

He is characterized as having dramatic tenor voice and his phenomenal ability to engage, and capture his audience with prayers and performances.

These days Yossi is going on a unique Worldwide tour of cover songs from the Israeli and worldwide music scenes.

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